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As a Graduate Student Instructor at the University of Michigan, I have taught advanced courses in Ethics, Philosophy of Law, and the Philosophy of Mind. I have also taught several mid-level introductory courses.

During my time at the University of Michigan I also ran a longstanding reading group for undergraduate philosophers. That group met on a weekly basis to discuss aspects of Kant's philosophy and aimed to popularize both philosophy generally and Kant's work specifically among a broader group of students.

For my work with undergraduates, I have received the University of Michigan's Honored Instructor Award and the Gupta Values Scholarship. I was also nominated for Rackham's Outstanding GSI Award.

Contact me for my teaching statement and evaluations.

Teaching Materials

Why Time is in Your Mind: Transcendental Idealism and the Reality of Time

This is a Chapter for an open access philosophy textbook aimed at beginning philosophy students. It introduces Kant's Transcendental Idealism, analyzes the arguments of the First Antinomy, and provides discussion questions for use during class. The full chapter is accessible here. 

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